The Artichoke Express is a close knit family owned business that specializes in healthy alternative catering options. Most recipes are created by the owner, Jody Picagli, and her goal is to prepare food with natural ingredients to really help promote healthy living and of course exceptional flavor!

The Artichoke Express provides a unique catering experience by utilizing organic and fresh ingredients. We were founded on the philosophy of providing healthy catering alternatives to fit all lifestyles. The Artichoke Express has branded itself as “the caterer that goes both ways” by providing catering meals from which can range from a complete vegan experience in which a completely animal free meal is prepared or if you are looking to impress your guests we can offer a bacon wrapped filet mignon alongside fresh vegetables.

“It is my personal goal to help provide insight into healthy living alternatives such as vegan and organic catering. Cooking has always been a passion of mine and I would love to share this passion with you whether you are a small business owner looking to cater for an event or meeting, a non-profit looking to provide a healthy meal, or simply a family celebrating a special occasion. Let us provide you with a catering experience you will never forget” –Owner Jody Picagli


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